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Begin your leadership transition with total clarity, the right mindset, and a proven tool for success. 

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I help new managers accelerate into effective and confident leaders. 


Begin your leadership transition with total clarity, the right mindset, and a proven tool for success.                                  

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Watch FREE Workshop

Start leading. Stop doubting.  


Whether you are:

  • newly promoted,

  • navigating the challenges of your¬†first managerial role, or

  • an expert in your field aspiring to step into management,

I'm here to guide and support your journey to success.

I've been there. I know the duality. Typically, you're on top of your game as an individual contributor in those three situations. So, the move to management feels exciting, inviting, and the promotion makes you feel acknowledged and appreciated. And then - simultaneously,  uncertainty  and  imposter syndrome creep in, showing as overwhelm, fear, self-doubt and stress.

You want to justify that promotion, you want to live up to the expectations, right? But you need a different mindset, skillset and  toolset for that!  The thing is, there is usually no one to offer you the structured training and support you need in your specific situation. And then you struggle because the clock is ticking, and you know nobody will wait for your results forever.  

Well, I had all the training I wanted, only after four years of being a manager! But for those four years of trial and error, gathering scattered information with no actual structure, that was exactly my story. Working long hours day in, day out and constantly being under stress brought me a nice little burnout. 

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Today, I'm a leadership coach for new managers, with over 15 years of management and leadership experience, where I was responsible for 1.000+ deals totaling half a billion dollars in sales. 

After what I've experienced and after seeing so many struggles of first-time-managers, I believe:


Adequate support and training at the onset of your managerial journey is crucial for your leadership success. 


That became my mission. I also believe that leadership is not just an innate talent but a skill that can be mastered through learning and applying. Yet, there's a pivotal element in this learning journey: without it, you're inevitably facing a steep uphill battle, but with it, your growth path becomes exponentially quicker and smoother.

Time and again, this critical ingredient has proven to be the most important factor in my leadership experiences.

Want to become an effective and confident leader?

If so, you're in the right place!

"There's nothing worse than going in the wrong direction...enthusiastically."  - Keith Cunningham

I may add to that: "and being great at things that don't all!" 

So because I don't want that happen to you,  I created a  FREE workshop where you will learn:

  • The Most Important Factor in Your Leadership Role¬†that gives you power and defines your success.¬† ¬†
  • The HOUSE Model: discover what makes or breaks the things you crave the most.¬†
  • The CLARITY SHEET:¬†utilize a unique tool to analyze and navigate your leadership role effectively.¬†
  • 7 Key Areas of Focus: the best direction is the right direction.¬†
  • Practical, Actionable Insights from my real-world leadership experience.¬†

After the workshop, you will be able to: 

Unlock your team's focus

Effectively prioritize and allocate resources towards the most impactful tasks and decisions.

Take the right action

Don't be busy. Forget overwhelm. If you work smart, it doesn't have to be hard!

Apply immediately

Utilize a practical, unique tool for implementing what you learn.

Your transition starts with this workshop.


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